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Are you wanting to truly get to know someone? 

Are you seeking a deeper genuine connection? 

Tiffeny Farag has been known to learn more about a person in a hour than most people who know them. She has a knack for delving deep into the psyche of those she converses with and forms deep connections.

Do you want to learn the skills and habits needed to get to know anyone?


"We  change by becoming aware by observing: watching our own conversations, noticing the lies, seeing the truth. And once we get clear about the truth, we can try something radically different: honesty."- Laurie A. Helgoe

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  • How to Get To Know You + BONUSES

    A 6 week/module course to master the art of getting to know yourself and others. Bonuses inlcuded: private Facebook community, weekly zoom conversations and access to future research.

  • How to Get To Know You

    A 6 week/module course to master the art of getting to know yourself and others.

  • How to Get To Know You- Module 1

    If you are interested in the course and want to purchase Module 1 (week 1) only, this is your option.


How to Get To Know You +Bonuses

  • Private Facebook Group Community

    When you purchase the whole course you will have access to a private facebook group and community of like-minded people.

  • Weekly Zoom conversations

    Weekly zoom conversations where we can discuss your progress and more.

  • Access to future research

    Complete access to new research and upgrades to the course.


“Tiffeny's warmth and openness was what drew me to strike up a conversation with her after a yoga class. Since that time I have been drawn to her authenticity and curiosity about how we relate and build awareness of ourselves. I have explored friendship, business ideas and participated in conversations on her podcast ‘Get To Know You”. I find her insightful and always learn more about myself, others and her every time we communicate. Her willingness to research, blend science and philosophy and question everything, including herself, is the bedrock of what she has to offer the world. I am excited about more ways for people to listen, learn and engage with Tiffeny.”

Education consultant

Leanne Groves

“With an overwhelming abundance of information available, it can be hard to know where to start in improving your self awareness and communication skills. I found the get to know you course to be an easy to understand, flexible and accessible way for me to do this. Tiffeny's insights have helped me to begin cultivating stronger relationships, and to my surprise, the course has also improved the way I make professional connections.”


Ben Altonen

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About Tiffeny

She is the daughter of Egyptian parents and was born and raised in Victoria, Australia. After devoting herself in completing a number of degrees in the medical science field, she became a doctor. Her patients attest to her impeccable skill of actively hearing others. Tiffeny is now an emerging thought leadership podcast extraordinaire.